We hope you enjoy this special Valentine's Day edition of the RightWisconsin Key Reads. From Gov. Walker's bold new entitlement reforms, to the media hyperventilating over Sen. Marco Rubio's sip of water, Thursday's Key Reads are the best on the web.

Walker wants to end permanent handouts (MacIver Institute)

Governor Scott Walker announces bold new entitlement reform.

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner investigates runaway EPA biofuel mandate.

Grover Norquist warns Wisconsin Republicans that support of tonnage tax in mining bill would violate Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Let me be clear, it's all about Obama (Wall Street Journal).

Outside the Beltway, the GOP has never been stronger (USA Today).

Are taxpayers getting their money's worth with Head Start program? (Wisconsin Reporter).

President Obama's State of the Union was the least watched since 2000 (Politico).

CNN absurdly asks if Sen. Marco Rubio's career is over after sipping water during speech (Newsbusters).

Speaker of the House John Boehner says there will be no minimum wage hike (Politico).

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not allowed to deport welfare-dependents according to union official (Daily Caller).

The 10 stupidest points in the State of the Union (Daily Caller).

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia admits he was disappointed in Chief Justice John Roberts on Obamacare decision (The Blaze).

Michelle Malkin asks "who failed Chicago?" (RealClearPolitics).

CNN panels says Dorner manhunt "exciting" like "Django unchained" (Breitbart).