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Key Reads - August 22, 2014

Regents request $95M in more money, John Doe, U.S. Senate races, James Foley, Dealing with ISIS, the Redskins / Mike Ditka and more.

Key Reads - August 21, 2014

Canvasses wrap up, Walker talks about threats to his son, Paul Ryan, Ferguson, James Foley, Common Core, 2015 Mayoral races and more.

Key Reads - August 20, 2014

Paul Ryan's book tour, Voter ID, the Real Value of $100 - by state, Plouffe joins Uber, Rick Perry, Don Pardo and more.

Key Reads - August 19, 2014

Primary turnout, Is a Gas Tax increase coming?, Common Core, MPS' Free Lunch, U.S. Senate races, Rick Perry, Solar-Powered Death Rays and more.

Key Reads - August 18, 2014

August politics, Act 10, Paul Ryan's WSJ Op-ed, Montana Dems' Newest Senate Candidate, Ebola, Pope Francis, Hillary's a 2014 No-Show, "The Giver" and more.

Weekend Key Reads - August 16-17, 2014

Governor's Race, 6th CD, Property Taxes, the Ice Bucket Challenge, Ferguson, Democratic fund raising pleas, Rick Perry, and more.

Key Reads - August 15, 2014

Ferguson, Appleton has a wheel tax, Krauthammer, Noonan, James Lilek's Taxicab Confessions on Uber and more.

Key Reads - August 14, 2014

6th CD Updates, Walker v. Burke is on, More primary results, Mike Bloomberg's "White Whale," a behind-the-scenes look at a Brown Co. race, a Hillary partisan takes over a watchdog and more.

Key Reads - August 13, 2014

Primary night, Obama toxic at the ballot box, ObamaCare enrollment shrinking, White House expects SCOTUS retirement, Apple's workforce, the Dude does not abide and more.

Key Reads - August 12, 2014

Primary Day, USPS posts $2B loss, Iraq, Hillary is "Deja vu" for Liberals, the Iowa Straw Poll, Robin Williams, and is Martha's Vineyard big enough for both Hillary and Obama?


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