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Key Reads - Dec. 17, 2014

Frac Sand Mining, SCOWIS Campaign Begins, GAB Audit, Reshaping Welfare, Millennials Abandon Federal Workforce, NASA, a Game Company Shipped What(?!?) and More.

Key Reads - Dec. 16, 2014

Milwaukee Streetcar, GAB Reform, Raw Milk, Right-to-Work, Tom Coburn, the New Surgeon General, the Ames Straw Poll Lives(!), and More!

Key Reads - Dec. 15, 2014

State Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood Audits, Cromnibus, Tax Reform, 2016 Talk, the State of the Democratic Party, Sony Emails, and More.

Weekend Key Reads - Dec. 13-14, 2014

GAB Audit, Right-to-Work, Interstate 41, Cromnibus, Obama vs. Pelosi, What 2014 Means for 2016, NYPD vs. de Blasio, the Collapse of The New Republic and More.

Key Reads - Dec. 12, 2014

Milwaukee Streetcar, Right-to-Work, Prison Reform, Frac Sand Mining, Raw Milk, CRomnibus, Peru Sues Greenpeace and More!

Key Reads - Dec. 11, 2014

Kenosha Casino, Cheap Gas, Law Schools and Ferguson, Post-Midterm Debt, Democrats and the South, Donald Trump to Iowa, Somali Pirates and More.

Key Reads - Dec. 10, 2014

Tax Reform Roundtables, Sue Black, Illinois Pension Fight, CIA "Torture" Report, Gruber on Capitol Hill, Restoring the Filibuster or Not, the Bucks Play for the Future and More.

Key Reads - Dec. 9, 2014

School Choice, Right-to-Work, Highway Cameras on US 41, Local Budgets, Reince Goes for 3rd Term, 2016 Talk, LA Runoff, UVA / Rolling Stone and More.

Key Reads - Dec. 8, 2014

John Doe, Dane County and Act 10, Bucks Arena, State Supreme Court Race, Luke Somers, LA Senate Runoff, Rolling Stone, and More.

Weekend Key Reads - Dec. 6-7. 2014

Right-to-Work, Judge Ralph Adam Fines, State Supreme Court Race Heats Up, Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Story Implodes, Hillary 2016, Cheap Oil, and More.


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