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Sunday Insight: Cranky Americans, Campus Protests, 2015's Biggest Surprises

Charlie Sykes and panelists discuss the biggest news and topics of the week that was.

Key Reads - Nov. 30, 2015

John Doe, Notre Dame at Lambeau Field?, Kohler Strike, Trump's Support, Whose 2016 Upside is Bigger?, Syrian Refugees, and More.

POLL: Which Legislative Achievement are You Most Thankful For?

Conservatives have much to be legislatively thankful for this year.

Key Reads - Nov. 25, 2015

Term Limits, Deer Hunt, Bucks Arena, 2016 Buzz, Campus Unrest, Iran Hacks the State Department, Politicizing Thanksgiving, and More.

Key Reads - Nov. 24, 2015

Abortion, Voter ID, Bucks Arena, Deer Hunt, Mumps at UW-Whitewater, The Long War Continues, Syrian Refugees, 2016 Buzz, and More.

Sunday Insight: Syrian Refugees, School Choice at 25, and Abele vs. Clarke on County Budget

Charlie Sykes and panelists discuss the biggest stories of the week that was.

Key Reads - Nov. 23, 2015

Hunter's Rights Bill, WI Jobs Picture, Kohler Strike, Syrian Refugees, ISIS: Does Obama Have a Plan?, ObamaCare's Collapse, Stephen Colbert and More

Key Reads - Nov. 20, 2015

State Jobs Market, Marquette Poll, John Doe, Johnson v. Feingold, 2016 Buzz, Syrian Refugees, Obama's Phony War, Campus Protests, and More

Key Reads - Nov. 19, 2015

Menominee Tribe Sues DEA, School Choice, Kohler Strike, Abele Vetoes, GOP Governors, Syrian Refugees, Hillary's Wall Street Love Story, and More

Key Reads - Nov. 18, 2015

Self-Insuring Savings, Coyne v. Walker, Kohler Strike, Milwaukee Co. Budget, Syrian Refugees, Bobby Jindal, Hackers vs. Terrorists, and More.


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