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Key Reads - July 24, 2014

MU Law Poll, Paul Ryan, More fund raising numbers, Is a GOP Wave coming, IRS Emails, Jonah Goldberg's latest column and more.

Key Reads - July 23, 2014

Fund raising numbers, Common Core, More on the fight over Trek outsourcing, Halbig Ruling, "Don't Get Cocky" about 2014, Feds find ObamaCare open to fraud and more.

Key Reads - July 22, 2014

Ron Johnson, Common Core, Is it time to forgive Favre?, Kerry's "Hot Mic Moment," Ukraine, "Progressive Comedy" and more.

Key Reads - July 21, 2014

Governor's race, Congressional gerrymandering, Madison's mayoral race, WI-06, border crisis, MH17, Rick Perry 2.0, a surge in a certain products' sales and more.

Weekend Key Reads - July 19-20, 2014

Common Core, Environmentalists vs. Kohler Co., The GAB and the John Doe, MH17 and Ukrainian Separatists, the Situation at the Border, Amazon creates a Netflix for books and more.

Key Reads - July 18, 2014

Zoo Interchange, Act 10 in Minnesota?, Raw Milk, Krauthammer on Gaza, Immigration and the border, MH17, and more.

Key Reads - July 17, 2014

BadgerCare, Voter ID, FMLA Abuse by Milwaukee Co. Employees, School Choice, Dick Cheney on Impeachment, Hillary vs. Elizabeth Warren, the worst reality show idea ever, How to be a TV Pundit and more.

Key Reads - July 16, 2014

New arena location debate begins, WI-06 fund raising numbers, Paul Ryan speaks at Hillsdale, the Situation at the Border, More Senate Prediction models, Should California becomes 6 separate states and more?

Key Reads - July 15, 2014

Can Walker 3-Peat?, Paul Ryan's fund raising record, Dems for AG and Guns, UAW trying again in Tennessee, NGA Meeting wrap-up, Is the Internet a Utility? Rahm's in trouble in Chicago and more.

Key Reads - July 14, 2014

Frac Sand, the Two Burkes for Governor, Brett Hulsey, The Situation at the Border, Alternatives to Hillary, Sarah Palin and Impeachment, and more.


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