Honestly, if this was Scott Walker, we would never have heard the end of it: Serial Dan Bice columns; front page pictures... the usual drill anytime Scott Walker finds himself in the same zip code as a wrong-doer.... 

Just google "Scott Walker and sex offender." You get the point.

ICYMI: This photo is of the mayor of the city of Milwaukee, three time failed gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett, getting his locks shorn by the barber known as Universal Knowledge Allah.

This would be the same UKA who was busted in connection with the theft of the pricless Stradivarius violin.  So you can imagine how surprised Barrett was by the coincidence.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said during a news conference on Thursday, February 6th that he was surprised to find out he had gotten a haircut from one of the suspects in the theft of the 1715 Lipinski Stradivarius violin.

Barrett said back on August 17, 2013, he was in a city neighborhood and walked into a barbershop to say hi to the patrons and the people who work there.

While at the barbershop, Barrett was asked if he wanted to get his hair cut. In fact, Barrett said he was in need of a haircut.

Allah apparently wanted a picture to remember the moment.

Barrett said the moment was a "chance encounter."

Well, of course it was. No reason to kill more trees or alert the national media. 

A somewhat less "chance encounter" linked Universal Knowledge Allah to the son of another prominent Milwaukee politician, Gwen Moore, who went by the name Supreme Solar Allah. You may recall Supreme Solar for his involvement in the tire slashing of GOP get-out-the-vote efforts in 2004. You can see here how he was shunned by fellow Democrats for his role in violent voter suppression.

The outside looks like any other house, but to Riverwest youth, The Street Academy of Cream City Mentors Incorporated is home. Located at 2438 N. Bremen Street, the Cream City Mentors is run by Supreme Solar Allah, 23; Self Wise Allah, 24; Universal Knowledge Allah, 25; and Charles Dennis, 50.

So yeah, this story is pretty weird.