Editor's note: The mainstream media is attempting to smear Republican Senator Ron Johnson. That's nothing new. 

But they've now gone to depths of which even cynics like us have previously thought them incapable. They write that the Senator callously turned a blind eye to the actions of disgraced State Rep. Bill Kramer, hyping in a headline that "Ron Johnson did not tell police of assault allegations three years ago."
In so doing, they basically outed Kramer's alleged victim. As the statement below makes clear, the person who confided to Senator Johnson that she had been assaulted requested that the senator keep this information confidential.
Media reports have now identified the victim of an alleged assault by State Rep. Bill Kramer was a staffer for Senator Ron Johnson. 
Johnson's office issued the following statement last night about his incident and his response:
"Senator Johnson's primary concern has always been, and will continue to be, what is in the best interest of his former staff member.  
"At the time she spoke with Senator Johnson and his chief of staff, Tony Blando, she had already retained legal counsel, who was advising her on the matter.  
"Senator Johnson and Mr. Blando conveyed their commitment to be 100% supportive of any actions she chose to pursue on the advice of her legal counsel - up to and including the filing of criminal charges. 
"She requested that Senator Johnson and Mr. Blando keep the matter confidential and take no further action.  Senator Johnson and Mr. Blando fully honored her request."