Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told me in an interview Monday morning that he is considering legal action against disgraced former Democratic spokesman Graeme Zielinski.
"There is a line," said Clarke, "and there is such a thing as slander and libel that still applies to public officials." 
In recent months, Zielinski has made serious allegations about Clarke and domestic abuse.  This weekend Zielinski wrote that Clarke's wife should shoot the Sheriff.
"I'm collecting everything that he says and he tweets and so on and so forth and at some point I'll sit down with some attorneys and see what kind of case we have," said Clarke.
As for the claims that he is an abuser, Clarke categorically denies all of those allegations telling me " I have never laid a hand on any woman."
Clarke called on Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele to immediately disassociate himself from Zielinski. Last week, campaign finance reports revealed that Abele paid Zielinski $10,000 for unspecified research.
"What's important to me is for Chris Abele to stand up before God and Country, probably for the first time in his life, and disavow any further association and stop hiding behind this political research nonsense," said Clarke.
Graeme Zielinski was removed from his post as spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin last March after comparing Gov. Scott Walker to Jeffery Dahmer. 
Clarke told me he has restraining orders against numerous other individuals who have threatened him in the past. It is not inconceivable that Zielinski could be added to the list.
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