A new Gallup study ranks Wisconsin in the top-tier of states for job creation. As the governor's office noted: "This is Wisconsin’s first appearance among the top states since the creation of the index in 2008."
The pollster annually measures "employee perceptions of job creation at their workplaces" and ranks the 50 states and DC.  Buoyed by the state's natural gas boom, North Dakota ranks at the top of the list ahead of the District of Columbia. But Wisconsin breaks into the top 10, tied with Arizona and Hawaii.
This, of course, comes at a awkward moment for state Democrats who had hoped to run against Scott Walker on the jobs issue. Factor in the state's budget surplus and tax cuts and you can understand why Dems are spending so much f their time talking about... gay marriage.
Two states have enjoyed a five-year run in the top tier: Nebraska and Texas. South Dakota, Iowa, and the District of Columbia have been in the top group each of the past four years, since 2010. Minnesota first appeared in the group in 2012, while five other states -- Delaware, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Hawaii -- are making their first appearance.

Top States, Gallup Job Creation Index, 2013