While Sen Tammy Baldwin can't be bothered to express outrage about the scandal involving the VA, Baldwin happily signed on to a letter sent by 47 Senate Democrats and one independent that denounced the Washington Redskins for a mascot name they call a "racial slur."

“We believe this conversation is an opportunity for the NFL to take action to remove the racial slur from the name of one of its marquee franchises,” they wrote Wednesday.
The effort is being led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., a frequent critic of the team’s name. Reid has taken to Twitter and the Senate floor to voice his opposition since NBA commissioner Adam Silver instituted a lifetime ban on Sterling last month.
In their letter, Baldwin and the other senators noted that professional sports have tremendous power to influence society and strengthen communities.
“From Jesse Owens to Jackie Robinson to Billie Jean King, athletes have often been a driving force for equality and diversity in our nation,” the letter says. “Now is the time for the NFL to act. The Washington, D.C., football team is on the wrong side of history. What message does it send to punish slurs against African Americans while endorsing slurs against Native Americans?”
While Sen. Baldwin and other Democrats were out stalking headlines, it was Sen. Ron Johnson's quote that really stood out.
"We have enormous challenges facing America. Only some of them are the concern of the federal government,” he said. “The letter, signed primarily by Senate Democrats, concerns an issue that should be left to the team’s owners, its players, and its fans. I trust that they will do what is right. This is not a matter that requires congressional action. Congress should concentrate on its own duties.”
“And when it comes to football,” he said, “I will concentrate on the Green Bay Packers.”