Proving that his animosity for the suburbs and obsession with mixing politics and business wasn't just limited to one catalog, Bill Penzey of Penzeys Spices is back with another fine whine that denigrates many of his conservative customers.

An excerpt from Bill Penzey's letter in the latest catalog reads in part:
And letters. With every issue we get such thoughtful letters, but somehow our last catalog set so much more in motion. As our new website takes shape we need to have a place to share your comments. The voices of those who Cook-to-Love are something the world needs to hear much more. Thanks to everyone who wrote and a very special thank-you to Wendy Tien. Her letter is so personal and so perfectly illustrates why many of our communities are still so segregated today. And though Wendy’s letter was just meant for me to read, I asked if we could share her words with all of our readers. With great strength, she said yes. We are all in her debt. 
Segregation is no longer some grim-faced governor standing on the steps of the Capitol shouting, “Segregation now-tomorrow-forever!” Segregation today has grown into a multi-step process. It starts with the new, more polished leaders who, with a smile, send ever-so-subtle messages that America is a whites-first nation. Next, AM radio personalities turn that smile to a sneer and pass it on to their listeners, who turn that sneer into anger. That anger does an amazing job of producing lopsided vote totals in places with little diversity, but it’s poison to everything that is good in our lives and a roadblock across the path of Kindness that leads to cooking. 
Once again, Bill Penzey is happy to offer to readers his own theories for what ails our state - and the culprits seem to overwhelmingly be racist, angry, conservative suburbanites.
In the last year, Bill Penzey has offered letters denouncing the use of Indian mascots at Mukwonago High School and bizarre letter in May that denigrated the citizens of Waukesha for their 'different way of thinking" and "race-based politics."
Bill Penzey is of course free to say what he wants. But this is certainly a head-scratcher of a business model for a company with many loyal customers in the suburbs.