Only in America — or should we say, Madison — can a person get rich off snuggling.
Believe it or not, there is an eager, presumably loving entrepreneur in Wisconsin’s Capitol city who is opening a "Snuggle House" just in time for cooler autumn temperatures. According to its website, the Snuggle House will provide "an exciting opportunity to receive the benefits of touch therapy ... and feel 'connected’ in a disconnected, digital world."
Although the idea may seem best suited for a utopian fantasyland, the fact that you can now sell hugs is the embodiment and epitome of capitalism. Under the age-old rules of supply and demand, literally everything has a price if people will pay — even affection sold at 30-minute intervals. Interestingly enough, it is Madison, a left-leaning if not already tipped over city — where the Snuggle House is opening up its proverbial arms. Yes, Madison, a place where you’d expect to find hugs as free as oxygen.
Whether or not Madison’s optimistic elite class likes to admit it, the Snuggle House is proof — weird, creepy proof — that free markets work. And so are the food carts, markets and shops that fill the Square, State Street and other communities across Wisconsin.
Here at Americans for Prosperity, we fully support capitalism, free markets and economic freedom — but we prefer not to pay for our hugs. We wish good luck to Madison’s newest social (and capitalist) experiment just the same. We’re rooting for ya.