Mary Burke, a millionaire former Trek executive from Madison, is considering challenging Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker next November. However, she's stumbled out of the blocks, as the Republican Party of Wisconsin alleges she has broken campaign disclosure laws before even filing her declaration of candidacy.
"The Democrats will stop at nothing to defeat Governor Scott Walker – this time refusing to disclose payment of a poll aimed at testing the viability of a Madison millionaire activist," Joe Fadness, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin told RightWisconsin Tuesday.
In a complaint filed on Monday, the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) asserts that on June 13, 2013, a Wisconsin resident says he received a telephone poll that inquired specifically about Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) school board member Mary Burke.
According to Patrick Hogan, the poll specifically asked for opinions regarding Gov. Walker and Mary Burke and then asked a series of questions specifically based on statements about Mary Burke including whether voters would be more or less likely to vote for her given the following information:
  • Mary Burke took a snowboarding sabbatical and avoided working during stretches of her life
  • Mary Burke spent six figures running for a school board seat, and could spend millions running for governor.
  • Mary Burke’s family business, and former employer, has outsourced jobs overseas
"We don’t know much about Mary Burke yet, but she and the Democrats are apparently willing to violate state law as they consider a run for Governor," said Fadness.