The dead tree has a four column headline over this story: "OSHA files eight violations against Palermo's pizza firm" written by unionist activist reporter Georgia Pabst. (ICYMI: "Journal Sentinel Reporters Fail to Disclose Their Ties to Big Labor")
Palermo’s is taking the matter seriously, as it should, and the process will play itself out. But the story leaves several questions hanging:
1. Who leaked the story? OSHA did not issue a release or statement, so who released it? And why? was it a government official?
2. Why was this story leaked to Voces de la Frontera? Voces is not an innocent bystander; it has been waging an attack on the company for nearly a year. Who gave them the confidential OSHA information? Was there an agenda?
3. Why now? Did the investigation, the violations, the leak have anything to do with the fact that Voces is gearing up for their June 1 protests targeted at the family home of the company’s CEO? 
4. Why is this a story? Does the media report on routine OSHA findings involving other companies? Or only those targeted by the activist left?
Here is Palermo’s full statement:
Giacomo Fallucca, President and CEO of Palermo Villa, today issued the following statement:
            "On May 17, our company was provided with the preliminary results of a recent OSHA inspection of our facility. We are reviewing the details of the OSHA inspection and plan to meet with OSHA officials to review them more closely. As a matter of every day practice, Palermo’s takes workplace safety issues very seriously, and the most important goal we have is to operate at a high standard. We will continue our record of cooperating with OSHA to help ensure that we operate in the best possible way and meet or exceed all safety and operating standards.
        "Regrettably, earlier this month, an employee was involved in an accident that resulted in three fingers being severed. Our prayers go out to this person and his family, and while we want to respect the employee’s privacy, we have ensured the individual and his family that he has our full support going forward. We train all of our employees to safely and properly operate all equipment, and in this particular case, additional training was provided to ensure that all safety procedures were followed closely. Unfortunately, the accident still occurred, and we continue to investigate the matter, monitor the situation and offer help as appropriate.
         "We take quite seriously both the OSHA report and the accident. Safety is the ongoing, top priority, and we will continue to work closely with OSHA and our workers.
        "However, it is inappropriate and highly regrettable that those involved in the year-long attacks on our company are using this situation to score cheap political points like a candidate who is way behind in the polls. Their conduct shows a blatant disregard for accuracy, honesty and truthfulness. We continue to believe that the best course of action for our workers would be to allow them to vote on whether or not they want to recognize and form a union. That is a decision that the workers should make, and our company will respect whatever their decision is."