Are the fast food worker strikes occurring in New York and Chicago coming to Milwaukee? It would appear so.
The Big Labor front-group Citizen Action of Wisconsin is organizing a demonstration on Wednesday at the Milwaukee County Courthouse to kick off a campaign to demand lawmakers raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. 
Raising the minimum wage that high likely has little to no chance in Wisconsin, but what we can expect is a disruptive campaign to rally fast food workers to strike and demonstrate in front of restaurants.
According to the USA Today, when the fast-food strike came to Detroit, organizers offered fast food workers $50 to walk off the job. 
The fast food strikes around the country are being organized by labor unions and labor front groups like Citizen Action. 
Citizen Action is closely affiliated with Voces de la Frontera, the fringe immigrants rights group that has boycotted, protested, and smeared Palermo's over the past year. The tactics employed by Voces may be a preview of what is coming to fast food restaurants in Milwaukee since Citizen Action.
The agitators never get tired. This is just what they do.