The malcontent labor union agitators are not going to let a definitive NLRB decision stop their campaign of harassment against Palermo's. 

According to fliers circulated at today's May Day rally in Milwaukee, there is large protest planned for June 1st, which will conclude with a demonstration outside the home of Palermo  Villa Inc. CEO Giacomo Fallucca.
The company was was started by Sicilian immigrants Gaspare and Zina Fallucca on Milwaukee’s east side in 1964. The Falluccas opened Palermo Villa restaurant in 1969, and sold it a decade later when they began the production of frozen pizzas. 
The company is an American small business success story.
Fallucca is an upstanding corporate citizen who provides hundreds of Milwaukeeans family supporting jobs. 
The continued harassment by the radical Voces de la Frontera is an outrage. 
These agitators' complaints have been proven to be without merit by a pro-labor NLRB.
It is time for someone in the press corps to ask Mayor Barrett, given this campaign of harassment, why would anyone ever locate or decide to grow a business in Milwaukee.