This is the email that I read on the air this morning. Heather later called in to explain her decision,
Hi Charlie,
Just heard your piece on the fight on S. 24 and Scott and the poor police response.  I live on S. 26th and Greenfield...just blocks from site of this fight.  Yes, our realtor is helping us put our home on the market in two weeks.  We had gunshots a week ago this past Thursday--the first round at 5 pm, the second at 12:30 am.  
We had a shooting about a month ago in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.  Around Thanksgiving, we had the drug deal gone bad when one guy jumped through a picture window and died on the front lawn (ironically at 24th and Scott).  We have three little boys--ages 9, 6 and 3.  We can't stay here.  Our boys deserve safer!  
And, to the mayor--we moved into the city and into this neighborhood with the intention of helping improve this area. 
 We have worked hard--we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Milwaukee Co. Foster Care and got to foster and adopt our awesome now-3 year old.  We worked hard with our neighbor girl who is smart, but was failing out of school.  She sat at our dining room table every weeknight last school year for about 3 hours at a crack to get her homework done, and now has been accepted to UW-Oshkosh next year--she has the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty she's grown up in, and we're so excited.  
My husband has found his dream job with Aurora -- he works for a free clinic providing healthcare to an underserved population -- those with no private or state-provided insurance.  He speaks Spanish all day and loves his job. 
 We worked hard, Mr. Mayor, but it's time to get our boys to a safer place.  So, here goes another tax-paying, stable family with five college degrees out to Waukesha County.  While my husband will become a commuter from the suburbs to downtown Milwuakee for work, our family did our time, and now we're done.  
Heather in Milwaukee