'"If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas," goes the old saying.
We are not, of course, referring to anyone as a canine or identifying any specific fleas. But the adage came to mind as we read this press release from County Supervisor Steve Taylor, who seems quite surprised that his attempts to make nice with his fellow Milwaukee supervisors has turned out badly.
Taylor ran for election claiming to be a conservative, but quickly threw in his lot with the Courthouse powers-that-be. We don’t know Taylor well enough to say for certain, but Taylor may have imagined that he could trust his fellow supervisors and that he could maintain his principles while following the lead of colleagues like Marina Dimitrijevic, the current chair of the board.
So today, Taylor is shocked, shocked to discover that the Milwaukee County Board is an ethical quagmire. 
    "On Monday at the Intergovernmental Relations Committee I supported a Milwaukee County Board reform package.  The very next day I read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story detailing what appears to most as negotiations with AFSCME, which is a clear violation of Act 10.  As I previously stated, Act 10 is the law of the land and if members of the Board are willingly and knowingly violating this law then how can I honestly trust that they will follow through with the proposed Board reforms. 
        "This is the first time in my nine-year political career that I can recall where in less than 24 hours after voting on an issue I felt that I made a mistake.  Rarely in politics do you get a do-over and I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity, reverse my decision and vote against the Board’s reform proposal.   
        "Due to what appears to have gone on behind closed doors over the past few months, my confidence in this body and its leadership has greatly eroded.  That is why the only chance for real reform to take place in Milwaukee County is for it to occur in Madison."  
We suspect that Taylor will have to make some news friends at the Courthouse and hope he will have better taste this time around.