On Monday, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos joined Charlie Sykes on AM620 WTMJ to say that at minimum, the UW system will have a tuition freeze in the next budget after the exposure of a massive $650 million slush fund. 
"I can’t express enough disappointment in the UW System," Vos told WTMJ's Charlie Sykes. "The UW system stockpiled money while the rest of state government was cutting back."
Vos said the existence of this slush fund shows he and others were wrong when they fought for more autonomy and flexibility for the UW system.
Vos went on to give full credit to the "CPA Caucus," a group of GOP lawmakers consisting of Rep. Dale Kooyenga, Rep. Howard Marklein, Rep. John Klenke, and Rep. Chris Kapenga. This small group of lawmakers were going line by line through the budget when they discovered the massive slush fund.
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