More breaking news from Madison.

A vocal critic of the wasteful spending by the University of Wisconsin System is calling for System President Kevin Reilly to be fired.
After it was discovered that the UW System has a surplus that may be as large as $648 million, State Representative Steve Nass called for Reilly's termination saying the unnecessary accrual of such a surplus "is a betrayal of public trust."
Nass (R-Whitewater), Chairman of the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee, called for the firing of UW System President Kevin Reilly after the discovery was reported Friday afternoon.  The news of a Massive UW Slush Fund is, according to Nass, another stunning development surrounding the financial activities of UW System administrators.
"More than 2/3 of this surplus was generated by unjustified tuition increases over the last three years.  In other words, President Reilly and the Board of Regents knowingly jacked-up tuition by 16.5% on Wisconsin families over three years even though the funds weren’t needed.  These actions are nothing short of a betrayal of the public trust," Nass said.
Nass said he will also introduce a budget amendment to freeze resident undergraduate tuition for four years.