Last week, MMSD dumped 595 million gallons of blended poop into local waterways. Today, they are dumping more. So this seems like a good time for this golden oldie from 2004, when Tom Barrett was running for mayor for the first time.

ANNOUNCER: Last July, 90,000 gallons of raw sewage was dumped into Lincoln Creek. It's just one example of the outrageous failures of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. 

Tom Barrett says it's time to clean up our water, and stop the mismanagement now. He has a specific plan to end the sweetheart deals for part-time commissioners, demand that every contract be competitively bid, and work with our suburbs to stop the sewage dumping. 

Taking on MMSD is only part of Tom Barrett's specific 100-day action plan -- an independent audit of all city departments to cut spending; contacting every business big and small, in Milwaukee, to identify immediate problems and save jobs; and the implementation of a tough new ethics code at city hall. 

And now isn't it fair to ask, after more than 60 days in office, why Marvin Pratt hasn't even started to get these things done?