According to a Left-Wing blog, Graeme Zielinski is still the Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. The blog "Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican" reports:
Multiple sources, under the condition of anonymity have confirmed to FDLFVR that Graeme Zielinski, who was removed as the Spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, is still working in the same capacity except that he is no longer allowed to tweet from the @gjzielinski Twitter account.

At a fundraiser Tuesday night, Zielinski remarked to a group of Democratic donors "I pretty much have my old job but without Twitter."
It’s yet to be determined if this report is true. But if it is, let us be the first to say: we called it. The day that Graeme Zielinksi was "demoted," RightWisconsin named Zielinski our "Winner of the Day."
Even if you believe that he will actually be docked one week's pay (there is no way to confirm this), the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's spokesman has survived.

As far as we can tell, the only changes in his duties are that he will no longer have any on the record comments on camera, in print or online.

In his 'new' role as media adviser he will continue to work the press. Think "Graeme Zielinski" every time you read "Party officials say" or "according to sources."  His smear peddling will now just be more behind the scenes, but nothing has really changed at DPW.

Graeme Zielinski will continue to work with candidates and top party officials.
Will the "watchdog" media follow-up on Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate’s claims that Zielinski is no longer the communications director?