The Left isn’t much obsessed with conservative talk radio are they? Herewith the latest screed from the fever swamps directed at our colleague and friend Jeff Wagner, who was just named to Talker Magazine’s 'Heavy Hundred" list.

Wagner’s selection inspired this bit of heavy-breathing on the Daily Kos website:

Unlike his loud, belligerent, and obnoxious comrades, Jeff Wagner comes across as just your calm, soothing, and avuncular nice guy next door, dispensing his pearls of homespun wisdom and good old-fashioned "common sense"...

Which makes him even more dangerous. [Emphasis in original.]

For underneath the friendly facade, Wagner, a former federal prosecutor, is spewing from the same toxic, deceptive, right-wing propaganda playbook his talk-radio pals are. Selling the exact same lies, but packaged for those who find the vein-popping stridency of Sykes, Belling, and McKenna too distasteful….

He's kind of like an "Evil Mr. Rogers" of Milwaukee talk. So let's make sure this low-key slimeball doesn't escape our scrutiny.

Here's his blog page:

If you'd like to leave comments there, let me know and I'll back you up.

As we said, congratulations, Jeff.