The man who is pledging to restore civility to the Wisconsin Supreme Court has turned to an unlikely ally.

State Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) will be co-hosting a fundraiser for Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone on March 19.
A female aide to Hulsey earlier this year reported to police that she felt threatened and "terrified" by her boss. According to a police report, Hulsey brought a box cutter into the Capitol and threatened to bring a gun into the Capitol as well, something he never ended up doing. 
A draft of a speech written by Hulsey contained references to hypothetical gun violence directed at Governor Scott Walker and Speaker Robin Vos, records show. Hulsey ended up giving a sanitized version of the speech, with references to bullets and guns removed, when he announced his opposition to Assembly rules allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons in the Assembly gallery provided they are licensed to do so. 
Ed Fallone is the liberal candidate running to unseat incumbent Justice Patience Roggensack in the April Supreme Court race. Fallone says that one of the reasons he is running is to "end the infighting" among Supreme Court justices. He argues that he will not be beholden to special interests, particularly groups that have cases pending before the Court. However, unions and other liberal groups who are trying to use the Wisconsin judicial system to stonewall or block legislation signed into law by Governor Walker have backed Fallone’s candidacy. 
To date, Fallone has not commented about the latest Hulsey controversy. 
The female aide who felt threatened by Hulsey will be reassigned to a different legislative office when she returns from a vacation.
It is unknown whether or not her return will happen before or after her troubled former boss provides his assistance to the Fallone campaign.