RightWisconsin contacted the Wisconsin Department of Administration about Karen Tuerk. Spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis told RightWisconsin that Capitol Police spoke with Ms. Tuerk about the Facebook post, but no charges were filed.


A member of UW-Madison's Geography Department went on Facebook to share her dream of "murdering Scott Walker with a knife to the gut."

Karen Turek made that comment on Saturday on her personal Facebook page. She posted, "Last night I dreamed I saw a huge tornado tearing through Wisconsin and then I murdered Scott Walker with a knife to the gut. Hmm, what do you think that means?"
Tuerk registered in opposition to the mining bill during a public hearing with the Committee on Jobs, Economy, and Mining. She has also participated in protests against the mining legislation.
Tuerk is associated, not only with "United in Defense of Water," but also with Occupy Wisconsin which both oppose the mining bill, and she uses the United in Defense of Water logo as her Facebook profile picture. 
MacIver News Service reached out to Tuerk to allow her to respond to her Facebook post, but requests have gone unanswered.