Just last week, liberal Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone accused Justice Pat Roggensack of creating "legal bribery" on the high court. Fallone attacked the 2009 4-3 decision to allow campaign contributions from parties with cases pending before the court, labeling the decision the "Roggensack Rule."
Roggensack's campaign spokesman rebutted Fallone's criticism saying, "It would appear that Professor Fallone's campaign attack falls flat in that he failed to demonstrate how contributions and endorsements have impacted decisions made and rendered by the Supreme Court."
But if Professor Fallone would like to discuss campaign contributions, lets examine a quote from 2012 where Fallone criticized the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.
"And yes, union officials who use involuntary money for campaign purposes, in the form of dues. Neither form of campaign contribution from a collective entity should be permitted, and the Citizens United decision creating a First Amendment right out of whole cloth on behalf of collective entities is a particularly poorly reasoned decision that has disastrous consequences for our democracy."
"The Roots of Progressivism Lie in…the Republican Party," Comments Section, January 24, 2012
So Professor Fallone believes that union campaign contributions have "disastrous consequences for democracy?"
A quick look at Ed Fallone's most recent campaign filings unsurprisingly reveal significant contributions from labor unions.
1/17/2013 - Madison Teachers Inc. - $8,625.00
1/26/2013 - WI PEOPLE Conf. (AFSCME) - $8,500.00
2/16/2013 - WI Nurses and Health Prof. - $5,000.00
2/09/2013 - Kettle Moraine Uniserv. - $1,000.00
2/09/2013 - SEIU State Council PAC - $3,000.00
2/13/2013 - AFT WI COPE - $8,625.00
2/15/2013 - AFT Local 212 - $8,625.00
It seems that Professor Fallone has changed his tune on those "disasterous" labor union contributions. Now that Fallone is out of the classroom and on the campaign trail, it appears that his own personal convictions have taken a backseat to his desire to win.