Last summer, Democrat State Representative Brett Hulsey pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge for a  incident at a beach involving a 9-year-old boy. That should have used up his quota of weird. But today, we learn that his behavior in the Capitol has lately been so bizarre that both the cops and his own aide were worried that the high profile liberal was a few pepperonis short of a pizza.
Madison - An aide to state Rep. Brett Hulsey told police last month she feared for her safety because of the Madison Democrat's behavior, which included considering bringing a gun to the Capitol even though he doesn't have a concealed-weapons permit, taking a box cutter to the statehouse on another day and urging the aide to train for self-defense with him.
"Based on the information in (the aide's) statement to me I feel very detailed follow-up is warranted," a Capitol Police officer wrote in a Feb. 17 report.
The report includes an email from the aide in which she wrote that she was "terrified." 
Lest this be written off merely as a hyper-sensitive disgruntled staffer, the Capitol cops were also concerned.
Hulsey also demonstrated a compliance hold on the officer and told him he was going to use some of the karate he'd learned when he was younger, according to that report.
"This contact made me very nervous," the officer wrote in his report. "I've talked with Representative Hulsey in the past and it appeared to me Representative (Hulsey) had a thousand-yard stare."
Hulsey’s explanation is basically to blame his bizarre behavior on Republicans, naturally.
Hulsey said his point has been to call attention to Republican policies that he opposes, such as allowing the carrying of concealed handguns in the statehouse and in the Assembly, both on the floor of that chamber and in the visitors' galleries.
"Am I crazy or is it just a crazy policy?" Hulsey asked. "I'm trying to react to an irrational policy in a rational way."
Um, no.
Bonus question: With the departure of Graeme Zielinski from the public stage, do we now have a new candidate for the weirdest Wisconsin liberal?