On Friday evening, someone posted the following on Democratic Party of Wisconsin official spokesperson's Graeme Zielinski's twitter page:

My heartfelt apologies to the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer. Their pain is not something with which I should have trifled.

Which was closely followed by:

And my apologies to  for my inappropriate Tweeting.

However, Zielinski has yet to appear on camera to explain his actions or to confirm that indeed he posted the half-hearted apologies, and that those last two tweets were not done on his behalf by his superiors at DPW.

A prolific social media smear merchant, Zielinski himself has been temporarily muzzled. His Twitter account has been silent since Friday evening.

Perhaps Democrats in this state are hoping this will blow over as we start this next week?

Now, what constituted  what he called his "inappropriate tweeting?"
He's compared the Governor to the most notorious mass murderer in Wisconsin history.  


Will these two statements, placed on his account, be enough to save his job as the official spokesperson of all Democrats in Wisconsin? That's up to the Democratic establishment in this state. If you talk to them, let us know what they tell you.
Are they happy with his job performance? Are they proud to be represented by him?
Mayor Tom Barrett  414-286-2200
Senator Tammy Baldwin 800-247-5645
Rep. Mark Pocan 202-225-2906
Rep. Gwen Moore 414-297-1140
Rep. Ron Kind 888-442-8040
Sen. Chris Larson  608-266-7505
Sen. Lena C. Taylor 608-266-5810
Sen. Julie Lassa 608-266-3123
Rep. Peter Barca 608-266-5504
Rep. Sandy Pasch 608-266-7671
None of these elected officials have commented on camera about the incident.  None of them has made any comment about Graeme Zielinski's status as their official spokesperson.
Remember, their silence is a vote of confidence that ensures he gets to keep at it.
Again, please let us know if you hear from these top Democrats, and we'll do the same.