The left is completely unhinged at news that Scott Walker is not guilty of any wrong doing and will not be charged as the 2+ year John Doe probe has ended.

But the reaction of Democratic Party Spokescrreep is beyond the pale.

He's compared the Governor to the most notorious mass murderer in Wisconsin history.  



Shame on every single Democratic public official if Graeme Zielinski still has a job by Monday morning.

Does this man have your full faith and confidence Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett?
How about you, Congresswoman Gwen Moore?
Congressman Ron Kind,what say you?
Newly elected member of Congress Mark Pocan, do you believe Graeme Zielinski is an honorable spokesperson for your party?
Tammy Baldwin, will you speak up?
Russ Feingold, Jim Doyle, Chris Larson, Peter Barca, ... anyone? 
If anyone gets any answers, let us know.
Mayor Tom Barrett  414-286-2200
Senator Tammy Baldwin 800-247-5645
Rep. Mark Pocan 202-225-2906
Rep. Gwen Moore 414-297-1140
Rep. Ron Kind 888-442-8040
Sen. Chris Larson  608-266-7505
Sen. Lena C. Taylor 608-266-5810
Sen. Julie Lassa 608-266-3123
Rep. Peter Barca 608-266-5504
Rep. Sandy Pasch 608-266-7671