From today's JS:

The day after Police Chief Edward Flynn's Capitol Hill testimony in support of an assault weapons ban, a gunman Thursday opened fire on a group of people with such a weapon on a north side street, wounding two people…

A man and a woman struck by gunfire were taken to a hospital, with the man's injuries more serious, and more than a dozen shell casings were recovered, Flynn said at a news conference near the shooting scene.

The suspect - a 48-year-old felon - also was taken to a hospital to be treated for bite wounds, and the weapon used in the shootings was recovered from his vehicle, Flynn said. 

Sheriff David Clarke has a pointed reaction to the latest story:

Let’s see if I have this right. (I find it suspect but let's give him the benefit of the doubt)  

Cops find a felon using a gun in a criminal offense and therefore Flynn thinks we should take it out on law abiding citizens by obliterating the second amendment to the U.S. constitution? Really?  What about the felon?

The gun is NOT illegal, the criminal illegally possessed it! This is an important distinction in the gun debate.  We need to stop referring to guns as illegal.  They are a legal product.  If a drunk kills someone with his car is the car illegal?  By the way how would making background checks more labor intensive for everyone except the criminal have stopped this felon from getting this gun?

 Show me his criminal history and I'll show you why he was able to get a gun.  The felon is the problem not law abiding citizen’s righs to own guns.  When will these chiefs stop blaming law abiders and start attacking the criminal and the lenient court system the keeps putting these goofs back on the streets in an act of benevolence?

I hope Flynn doesn't find the "paper chase" involved in processing this case too bothersome. On Capitol Hill he said he didn't have time to "chase paper" on gun cases.