On Wednesday, RightWisconsin broke the news that the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) ignored state law and failed to conduct maintenance of the voter rolls within 90 days of the November general election. The GAB says they will not conduct a scheduled purge of voters who haven't voted in four years until after the April 2, Spring Election.
A GAB spokesman told RightWisconsin "The statutes set standards for when municipalities are to complete entering voter history information in SVRS, but they may not be practical."
Several lawmakers are weighing in on the issue including Rep. Jim Ott (R-Mequon), who issued the following statement to RightWisconsin:
It is not surprising to hear of another instance of the Government Accountability Board simply ignoring state law.  Over the last several years GAB has consistently shown itself to be an agency that has ignored the intent of the Legislature when interpreting state statutes and in failing to carry out its own responsibilities.  That certainly is the case in the agency's reported failure to insure that state voter rolls would be purged before the April 2nd election.
A bill is expected to be working its way through the legislative process that will significantly reform the GAB to make it more accountable to the Legislature and the citizens of Wisconsin.  I am hopeful the bill will come before the entire Assembly later this year, and I will certainly be supporting it.
In the meantime Senator Leah Vukmir and I will be drafting a letter to Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen requesting that his office investigate this latest failure of GAB to carry out its duties as prescribed by sec. 5.05 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.