On Friday, the conservative grassroots training organization American Majority will be hosting a Breitbart Training in New Berlin, Wisconsin. The American Majority event marks the one year anniversary of the tragic death of Andrew Breitbart, a conservative media icon and innovator who made it his mission to take on the mainstream liberal media. 
Friday’s training will feature Breitbart TV’s Editor in Chief Larry O’Connor, Newsradio 620 WTMJ host Charlie Sykes, and speakers from RightWisconsin.com and MediaTrackers.org, two media organizations in Wisconsin who are taking on the mainstream media and winning. Executive Director of American Majority Wisconsin Matt Batzel said, "We couldn't be more honored to celebrate his life and carry his torch forward."
The details on the American Majority Breitbart Training are below.
February 27, 2013 — Activists from around the state of Wisconsin will join together in celebrating the life of Andrew Breitbart on Friday, March 1st at the New Berlin Holiday Inn Express in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  The untimely passing of Andrew on March 1, 2012 left a hole in the conservative movement. 
Larry O’Connor, Breitbart TV’s Editor in Chief will be joining activists to give firsthand accounts of his work with Andrew, as well as what he is doing to continue to carry Andrew’s torch forward.  Meredith Dake, Breitbart News’ Associate Editor will also share the work that is moving forward after Andrew’s death.  Other speakers include Wisconsin’s very own Charlie Sykes of WTMJ and Right Wisconsin, Brian Sikma of Media Trackers, Brian Fraley of Right Wisconsin and MacIver Institute, Ed Willing of Founders Intent, and American Majority Wisconsin’s Executive Director Matt Batzel.
"During the height of the 2011 collective bargaining protests, American Majority Wisconsin was lucky enough to have Andrew Breitbart speak at a rally on February 19, 2011.  He inspired the 10,000 plus attendees to do their part to stand for fiscal responsibility and then captured video of doctors handing out fake sick notes. His tragic loss was a loss for all conservatives.  We couldn’t be more honored to celebrate his life and carry his torch forward," said Matt Batzel, Executive Director of American Majority Wisconsin’s office.