So, I see where our good friends at the misnamed Government Accountability Board are once again flouting the laws of the state of Wisconsin saying they may not be practical.

Magney acknowledged that "The statutes set standards for when municipalities are to complete entering voter history information in SVRS, but they may not be practical."

Cool. I didn't realize we get to choose which laws we deem are practical.

If state agencies can get away with this, why not the rest of us lowly taxpayers?

It's not practical to shovel my sidewalk within 24 hours of a storm.

It is not practical to drive less than 75 miles per hour on I-94 in Jefferson County.

It's not practical to apply for a building permit just to replace a couple of windows in your home.

That smoking ban? Not practical.

I'm sure you can think of other laws that may not be practical...

So, will the GAB get away with this?

What do your legislators think?

Anyone hear from our attorney general?

Or is getting a response from lawmakers and law enforcement in this matter not practical?

We shall see.