We commented earlier in the week on the liberal/media spin on the Walker tax cuts. Even though they are targeted at the middle class, the left’s narrative continues to be that they are targeted to the rich. Today’s JS story does accurately note that the highest income taxpayers getting "the biggest chunk of Gov. Scott walker’s tax cut are paying an even larger share of the overall income tax in Wisconsin…"

But as Rick Esenberg notes, an earlier story headlined "Much of Walker’s proposal would go to top 20%, study says" was misleading at best.

Although Walker's political opponents will claim that his proposed cuts are slanted toward upper income taxpayers, the opposite is true. The lower your income, the larger the percentage of your taxes that the proposal will cut.

Of course, in a world where upper income taxpayers pay the most tax, a reduction in tax rates are going to benefit those taxpayers. As Willie Sutton put it, that's where the money is.

Of course, one can always argue that whatever share that they do pay ought to be higher. In theory, the answer to "how much do you need" can be "how much do you have."

But one may argue, instead, that rate reductions are most likely to lead to increased economic activity because they increase the marginal return on working and investing.

In any event, the Governor has proposed a middle class tax cut.