News from the state's chamber of commerce:

Repeated Polls Show Consistently Strong Voter Support

MADISON – A new poll found that 62 percent of Wisconsin voters support iron mining reform pending at the Capitol, and those results are consistent with polls conducted for nearly a year, WMC said Tuesday.

"There is overwhelming voter support for iron mining reform," said Scott Manley, WMC Vice President of Government Relations. "The public understands that iron mining means high-wage jobs and that the reforms under consideration will protect the environment." WMC is the state chamber of commerce and largest business association.

We include the actual polling memo, below, so that you can read the actual, straightforward, questions and data for yourself.

This survey comes on the heels of a ridiculous 'poll' released by mining opponents and trumpeted by the mainstream press in the last day.

Perhaps you've seen or heard coverage of a survey that showed widespread opposition to the proposed iron ore mine in Northern Wisconsin.  

But what you haven't seen, until now, is the misleading push-polling question from which that conclusion was drawn.

Here it is, from the lefty League of Conservation Voters:
"As you may know, the Wisconsin State Senate is considering an open-pit mining bill. Supporters of the bill say that Wisconsin should streamline its environmental regulations in order to create more open-pit mining jobs in Northern Wisconsin. Opponents say that the existing water protections should not be weakened to allow out-of-state mining companies to expose Wisconsin families to chemicals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic. Which comes closer to your point of view?"
No serious polling professional, on the right or the left, would ask that type of question, because the results would not provide accurate data. That poll was done solely for the purpose of generating the headlines we've seen in the last 24 hours. It's a sham poll.