Recall what?

After an opponent exposed his Scott Walker recall petition signature, Ozaukee County Circuit Court Judge Tom Wolfgram claims he signed the recall because he sought more time to understand Gov. Walker’s proposals.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the long-serving judge explained that he was simply trying to buy more time to gather information about Gov. Walker’s legislation.
For Wolfgram, the act of signing a petition to remove Walker from office was not done in opposition to the governor or his proposals, he said.
Wolfgram insisted he viewed the possibility of a recall campaign as simply providing time for himself and other citizens to gain more information on a few proposals in Walker's first-term agenda that prompted the recall effort. Among them were rescinding collective bargaining for most public employees and requiring public employees to pay more for medical and pension benefits.
"I took no position on the proposals" by signing the petition, Wolfgram said. "I did not fully understand the proposals," he said in explaining why he wanted more time to learn about them.

Seriously? So a guy who is a judge, doesn’t understand the "complex" language of a recall petition?
Perhaps if Wolfgram wanted more time to learn about Gov. Walker’s agenda, maybe he could have just waited for the Governor to finish his term and decide at the next regularly scheduled election in November 2014?
Wolfgram now realizes that his recall signature is a major issue. Despite the best efforts of the Ozaukee Press to convince his constituents otherwise,  Wolfgram is now being forced to answer legitimate questions about his public political act. Instead of owning the signature and admitting that he joined a radical Left-wing effort to oust Governor Walker in a vindictive recall effort,  Wolfgram is pursuing the only strategy he has left: ignorance.

Obviously, Wolfgram has placed himself in a no-win situation. He either admits he is an anti-Walker liberal in conservative Ozaukee County, or he is the only person in the state of Wisconsin who signed the Walker recall petition while taking "no position" on Gov. Walker’s agenda.