Release from the Sheriff's office:

Sheriff David Clarke received a complaint from a Huber inmate that the temperature inside the County Correctional Facility-South in Franklin was too cold.  The Sheriff directed building maintenance staff to check the temperature of the room using thermometers, and to check the thermostat to ensure that it was working properly.  The thermostat is set at 68 degrees.  Room temperature taken in various locations in the dorm several times a day for several days read out at 68 degrees. 

"I checked because I wanted to be sure about the temperature," said Clarke.  "Some inmates complain that 68 degrees is too warm.  With home-heating costs being a significant part of a household budget, many law-abiding people would love to set the thermostat inside their home at a constant 68 degrees all winter long, but they can’t afford it.  

"These inmates break society’s rules and then complain about the room temperature being 68 degrees?  In the interest of taxpayers I should order it turned down to 65 and give them an extra blanket.  What do I tell the inmates who complain that 68 degrees is too hot?   

"I made it clear a long time ago that I was not running a hotel that promises four- star comfort.  I’m running a jail.  What do these inmates think this is?  If they find 68 degrees too cold they can run in place for 10-15 minutes.  That’ll warm them up.  

"I took away the welcome mats and the "come see us again" sign hanging in the window.  When criminals find jail comfortable they are likely to not mind coming back.  My goal is to humanely make it so that they don’t want to come back. 

" We don’t measure our success by repeat customers."