Another day, another shot against the outspoken Milwaukee sheriff.

After weeks of effectively blacking out many of Sheriff Clarke’s public comments (except the ones they could spin against him), the Journal Sentinel today features a column by Dan Bice questioning the sheriff’s unwonted silence on the issue of slashing the County Board’s pay. The article notes that Clarke has frequently clashed with the board, but has also been at odds with Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele who is pushing the  pay cut bill.

We won’t rehash all of the the overheated conspiracy theories.  You can read them in Bice’s column. But we will share this. Here is the full email to Bice from Abele’s flack, Brendan Conway:


Per your questions about the sheriff.

Considering the Sheriff's track record of sharing his opinions with every reporter, talk show host and extremist with a microphone I'm surprised he has not weighed in on this issue. If the Sheriff wants to support more bureaucracy, unnecessary spending of taxpayer money and go against the will of the voters that's his choice. County Executive Abele supports this reform bill because it will save millions of dollars, make Milwaukee County government more efficient and more accountable to taxpayers. 

As to the why he seems so quiet I can only speculate but it seems the Sheriff and Chairwoman Dimitrijevic have come to some agreement to protect each other. The Board gave Clarke $3.3 million more in his budget this year by killing the money saving City/County Parks Patrol Plan that had the support of Mayor Barrett, most alderman, MPD and the vast majority (if not all) of the mayors, village presidents and police chiefs across the county. Now Supervisors are noticeably quiet as Clarke spends taxpayer money on radio ads and spends months out of state.  It seems an unlikely coincidence, especially since both used to put out press releases regularly blasting each other. (Examples available upon request but I'm sure you've seen them.)

As an aside, when you say the sheriff seems to really dislike the county executive I will point out that the sheriff seems to really dislike everyone?  He has regularly and publicly criticized the mayor, the police chief, the aldermen, the supervisors, the DA, the Chief Judge (a favorite target), and even the JS Editorial board recently. Who DOES the sheriff like?


This was forwarded to Clarke, who observes today:


Sounds like a bit of penis envy by Abele in responding to Bice (Conway's the straw man here, you know that).  Abele is not used to taking a back seat to anyone especially some black conservative sheriff…

Notice the common denominator of the people he says I don't like (and he's right, I don't). They are statists, anti-school choice, anti-clean elections, anti-Scott Walker, anti-gun/second amendment, anti- conservative, anti-freedom (forced residency) anti-Clarke, criminal loving elitists.  What's not to dislike? 



Abele's true colors are revealed in this e-mail.  When asked he continually looks into the camera of the media with that sh*t eatin' grin of his and tells them that by cutting my budget,  laying off deputies and usurping the constitutional authority of the sheriff that his actions are not personal.  Oh really?  This e-mail to Bice tells a different story.