Native son Stephen Hayes, who has written extensively about Governor Scott Walker, breaks bad on Florida's Governor Scott, who last week caved in and accepted the "free" Medicaid cash from the federal government. Walker, you'll recall, made the opposite decision.

HAYES: As a matter of policy it is not a good idea to expand Medicaid. We know the problems with Medicaid, we've seen them for years. We’ve seen an increase in Medicaid spending in the past decade of thirty-eight percent, and it’s now going to, basically, blow up under ObamaCare. You can understand the rationale for some of these governors for wanting to accept it.
 I wouldn’t do it if I were governor, but I think it is particularly galling for Governor Scott, who as you suggest has made his career opposing ObamaCare. He ran a private citizens’ group opposing ObamaCare, he ran for governor opposing ObamaCare, he was elected largely because he opposed ObamaCare. He said he was going to reject ObamaCare after he was elected. 
He led the federal lawsuit against ObamaCare, and then, once the Supreme Court he decision came down, he said, basically, this will be devastating to the states, it’s a terrible idea to expand Medicaid, and we won’t do it here in Florida, because we’re going to do the right thing. I think money has spoken to him, and he’s clearly changed his mind. I think it’s a bad decision. It’s politically cowardly and hypocritical.