During Governor Walker’s recall campaign, New Jersey’s Chris Christie was a reliable supporter, making several visits to the state to help raise funds and rally the troops on Walker’s behalf.

Now it’s apparently time for Walker to return the favor, by helping Christie raise funds for his own re-election effort.  Walker is hosting a high-dollar fund-raising luncheon  for Christie on March 14 at the Wisconsin Club in Downtown Milwaukee. A host reception will run $3,800 per person/couple; a photo reception will run $1000 person/couple; while tickets for the lunch itself are $250 a person.

Christie faces the voters this November and is enjoying both record high poll numbers and a fractured Democrat party.

And while some conservatives have cooled to Christie in the week of his praise of President Obama, that has apparently not cooled the political friendship between the two governors. Adding an additional wrinkle to the ongoing Walker-Christie bromance:  Both governors have been mentioned as possible 2016 presidential contenders.