Senate President Mike Ellis is boasting he knows of at least eight Republican Senators who do not support the plan to expand School Choice that Governor Walker has included in the State Budget.

"This is phase one of a wide-open school voucher program for the state," Senate President Mike Ellis (R-Neenah) said. "The governor didn't respect the thoughts of about eight or 10 Republican senators who didn't want it in the budget."
Who are they?
If you contact your State Senator and they let you know they are opposed to this educational reform, please drop us a line letting us know. Until then, all we have is Senator Ellis' public comments and, well, speculation.
Eight? Really?
Ellis, Schultz, Cowles, Olsen? And four more? 
Who are they?
Note: This story does reinforce what we've told you several times over the last week, as seen in the links below.