On Friday, Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos (R-Rochester) explained his take on Governor Walker’s new budget proposal to Newsradio 620 WTMJ host Charlie Sykes. After the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article on Friday titled "No rubber stamp for Walker’s budget," Speaker Vos explained  his concerns and discussed the items he would like to see improved in Gov. Walker’s budget proposal.
"I am most concerned about the level of bonding in this budget," Speaker Vos told Sykes, "and I have concerns about the level of new government employees." Up to 710 new government employees could be added under the Governor’s proposal.
When asked about the size of the tax cut, Speaker Vos told Sykes, "we are looking for other ways to do tax reform that would be more substantial." Governor Walker’s budget proposal included at $343 million income tax cut. "I hope the tax cut could be bigger and more robust," said Speaker Vos.
In addition, Speaker Vos said, "I would have wanted the expansion of school choice to be statewide."
In the conclusion of Governor Walker’s budget address on Wednesday night, the Governor urged the legislature to "review, improve, and pass the budget." Speaker Vos intends to focus on improving the budget.
Listen to Speaker Vos' interview on Charlie Sykes' show below.