According to Prof. John McAdams, Marquette University has revoked their support for a crude "FemSex" workshop on campus. Former College Republican president Ethan Hollenberger wrote the Marquette University administration twice to ask them a series of challenging questions such as, "Can you defend the discussions on safer sex, masturbation, sexual desire, or the use of the "c*** coloring book?"
After four days, the Marquette administration finally responded to Hollenberger’s concerns and questions.
Dear Mr. Hollenberger 
In response to your inquiry to the President’s office, I wanted to provide some additional information. 
We recently became aware of the student-led Female Sexuality program. After reviewing its content, we found that aspects of the program did not fulfill the expectations set out in the charter of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. Because of this, the center is no longer sponsoring the program. To be clear, this was not an academic course and was not led by faculty. It was student programming that took place outside of the classroom. 
We support the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center and the goals set forth in the center’s charter, and have done so since its inception. The center plays an important role within the university, allowing us to delve into issues of gender and sexuality with respect, sensitivity, academic rigor and concern for social justice. It also provides educational programming related to sexual violence, harassment and discrimination, better equipping our students to be able to respond society’s complex cultural issues. 
John Pauly 
Marquette University
Professor McAdam’s accurately translates the administration’s response. 
Translation: the workshop had created a firestorm of criticism after local conservative talk radio publicized it in the wake of our blog post. One could say we are thankful that Marquette finally "saw the light." But that would misrepresent what happened. In this issue, as was the case with the aggressive lesbian Arts and Sciences Dean candidate that Marquette was about to hire, but then declined to hire under pressure from local Catholics, Marquette caved in. 
McAdams concludes that "a genuinely Catholic university would not need to cave in to pressure on an issue like this, because they would not approve of something like this to begin with."