Okay, we get it that the left really, really doesn’t like Scott Walker and that they are outraged by his second budget.  

Walker loves highways, hates children, blah blah. 

But even with all of the faux indignation, there’s a staleness to much of the reaction – a warmed-over, paint-by-numbers quality to the left’s attempt to work itself into high dudgeon over a budget that increases aid to education and cuts middle class taxes.

You can almost feel them straining to recapture some of the passion of the last time around, and not quite being able to pull it off, sort of like an aging hippie riding around in an old VW bus with a faded RECALL WALKER bumper sticker. (Wait, that actually describes half of the UW faculty.)

Herewith a quick summary of the left’s reaction, with brief commentary:

"Walker's 2013-14 budget is even more radical than his last one, belying his new 'moderate' mask," writes Heather DuBois Bourenane.  (Who’s with me for another round of drum circles? Hello? Anyone?)

"Walker’s plan is appalling, and horrendous." - John Nichols (Can I appear on MSNBC again? Please?.)

"What Scott Walker's 2013-'15 budget tells us is that there is one vindictive former Milwaukee County Executive sitting in the …" James Rowen. (There’s a lot more, but we never read to the end of a Jim Rowen sentence.)

"By doubling down on the same failed economic policies and furthering the  right-wing agenda of dismantling public education and healthcare, Walker continues to move Wisconsin backward." United Wisconsin. (Disappointingly, no Koch Bros reference.)

"Wisconsin’s budget is still in a values deficit, choosing highways over high schools, asphalt over academics and concrete over our classrooms."- Sen. Chris Larson. (And did I mention, I’m running for governor?)

 "This proposed budget does nothing but harm both our children and the public schools they attend."- Rep. David Riemer.  (That would be the public schools we want to force them to attend.)

"…the Governor wants to measure success by counting the people he can kick off Government programs and how many federal tax dollars he can send to our neighboring states." - Rep. Fred Clark (And I still don’t brake for bicyclists.) 

"His plans to expand vouchers across the state, with absolutely no mention of accountability, are like driving across the country in a car with the 'check  engine’ light still on. Frankly, his performance-based funding proposal will do nothing but incentivize cheating or beating the system to get ahead. A lot like some athletes choose performance-enhancing drugs."- Rep. Mandela Barnes (I’m sorry you’ve exceeded your quota for mixed metaphors.)

@gjzielinski: .@GovWalker's sinful decision to turn down Medicaid expansion cost WI 10,000 jobs. #wibudget (This is your brain on nuts.)

@rabbitude: Voucher school teach kids that 2+2= Jesus. w/ taxpayer $. wheres the accountability?? #wisots#wiunion #ScottTalk (Coexist.)