From Governor Walker's budget speech now: 

Higher taxes would slow our improving economy. With this in mind, this budget does not include a gas tax increase or a vehicle registration fee bump.Overall, our budget includes more than $630 million in tax cuts. Let me repeat that, our budget includes more than $630 million in tax cuts. In addition to helping the middleclass, our tax cuts support small businesses and key Wisconsin industries likemanufacturing and agriculture.

Combined, a family of four, with Mom and Dad making about $40,000 each would save $272 dollars from the income and property tax relief in our budget. Over the next decade, this family stands to save more than $1,000 in income taxes alone.

Our tough, but prudent, decisions two years ago put us in a position to further reduce the tax burden of our citizens, while still investing in our priorities. Compare that to the tax increases enacted and proposed in our neighboring states. And the folks in Washington, D.C., provide an even starker contrast to our positive results.