Some early excerpts from Governor Scott walker's budget speech later tonight:

"Our focus is simple - more prosperity, better performance and true independence."

"Our middle class tax cut is a down payment on my goal of reducing the tax burden in our state every year I'm in office. I want to cut taxes over and over and over again until we are leading the country in economic recovery."

"Higher taxes would slow our improving economy."

"Our tough, but prudent, decisions two years ago put us in a position to further reduce the tax burden of our citizens, while still investing in our priorities. Compare that to the tax increases enacted and proposed in our neighboring states. And the folks in Washington DC provide an even starker contrast to our positive results. "

"In the end, our goal is simple: ensure that every child – regardless of where they are from or what their family income is – has access to a great education."

"Our budget is built on a plan to reform a broken system and transition people from government dependence to true independence."