They're not going down without a fight.

From the inbox:
Community Organizations Come Out in Opposition to County Corporate Takeover Measure
On Feb. 19, Rep. Sanfelippo along with Sen. Taylor and Sen. Darling introduced their bill to dismantle Milwaukee County Government and to concentrate power in the hands of the County Executive. In an unprecedented assault on democracy and local control, the state legislature, at the behest of Gov. Walker and corporate special interests, proposed undermining the role of the County Board of Supervisors. If passed, the Board will serve as nothing more than a rubber stamp for the executive.
Which groups are gearing up for the fight?
  • African-American Roundtable
  • Citizen Action of Wisconsin
  • SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Jobs Now
Sure, we have raised some serious and legitimate concerns about one provision of the legislation (a piece that has nothing to do with reforming the County Board and should be removed from the bill in committee). However, it is clear that the dysfunctional County Board will not, and can not, reform itself.
Given that many of these groups benefit from the dysfunction, their opposition to reform is not surprising.  We're actually surprised the above list isn't longer already.
The last time the organized left fought against major reform in Milwaukee County, it awakened a conservative movement that elected Scott Walker as County Executive.
This should be fun.