On Wednesday, the grassroots conservative training organization American Majority announced that 24 of their trained candidates advanced beyond Tuesday's primary. For years, progressives have had a distinct edge in candidate training and campaign organizing. With organizations like American Majority, conservatives can level the playing field at the local level.

Read American Majority's statement below.

February 20, 2013 — Over the last several months, American Majority Wisconsin staff has been training local candidates across the state who took the challenge to run for local office.  After yesterday’s primary, 24 of these candidates have advanced to the general election in April.

American Majority works to build a farm team of candidates at all levels of government.  Our trained candidates in the Spring 2013 election include offices for school board, town board, village board, county board and a circuit court judge.  The farm team builds from the most local level of government where citizens often feel the most impact.  These candidates are also the folks who will hopefully take the next step for public office when a member of the State Assembly or State Senate retire or need a challenge.

Matt Batzel, the Executive Director of American Majority Wisconsin’s office, said, "since we have opened our office in October 2010, we have trained more than 50 candidates who were elected to the office they sought.  With this new group of candidates advancing to the general election in April, it shows how true grassroots campaigning at the local level can make a difference.  We know one election might not change the direction of a board, but with election after election finding new members it is possible to elect people who care about keeping our taxes lower and not expanding the size of government."