On Monday, State Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) told Today's TMJ4 that the school choice program is akin to taxpayer vouchers for country clubs. Sen. Larson was being interviewed about Gov. Walker's proposal to expand the school choice program when be blurted out:

"Because people don't like our park system, we're not giving vouchers for people to sign up for country clubs. So, why are we doing that for our schools?"

Yes, Larson was being serious.

Senator Larson's response is quite instructive. He and other liberals look with contempt on a program that provides poor children stuck in failing public schools with an opportunity to attend a good private school.

Larson thinks a shot at a decent K-12 education is a luxury, akin to taxpayer-funded country club memberships. (Never mind that choice schools are cheaper than their failing public equivalents)

The stupidity of Sen. Larson's statement cannot be overstated. 

Why is Larson threatened by when parents are empowered and children are allowed to escape failing public schools? 

Country club? Good grief.