A group of anarchists have taken responsibility for last week's attack on the headquarters of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC). The admission appeared on a website called AnarchistNews.org. In a post titled "Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) attacked in Solidarity with Lake Superior," the anarchists admitted the attacking WMC in response to the organization's advocacy of an iron-ore mine in the Penokee Hills in Northern Wisconsin.

The anarchists mocked the left-wing activists who gathered at Monona Terrace for a protest of the WMC Business Day, calling the protest a "leftist circus." And in a rambling manifesto against capitalism and representative government, these anarchists explained their radical political views and reason for attacking WMC.

We don't want to "take the money out of government" as much as we want to destroy money and government.

We don't seek to "tax the rich" or socialize the wealth produced by the capitalist mode of production. We want to destroy capitalism and the means of production. Making capitalism "better" is not a prerequisite for destroying it.

We don't want "fair elections now" as much as we want to end all representation and electoral charades. We want to live in a world where we can organize ourselves and we know that elections can never give this to us.

We do no seek to limit the power of Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce (WMC) has on our lives, we seek to abolish all manufacturing and commerce.

Furthermore, the anarchists described precisely how they attacked the building and it was relatively easy.

We lobbed several paintbombs, decorating their walls and extremely stupid corporate artwork with pink, green, and purple splashes. We also threw projectiles through their windows and glass door, broke a light and disabled two security cameras. We then scattered into the darkness of the night.

It was fun and easy. Step it up, "Wisconsin."

Solidarity mean attack.

The attacks earned condemnation in the editorial pages of the Madison-based left-wing newspaper the Cap Times.

See pictures from the attack on WMC here.