Marquette university professor John McAdams brings attention to a new workshop being offered at the supposedly Catholic Institution.

Femsex at Marquette

McAdams notes a flyer that recently appeared on the MU campus: 

The Female Sexuality Workshop (FemSex) is a 12 week co-facilitated, student-led workshop that aims to create a mindful, safe, respectful, and open environment for participants to validate their experiences, challenge their ideas, and learn with and from others. Evolving from long-running courses at UC Berkeley and Brown University, FemSex seeks to bring values of empowerment, diversity, and collective learning to Marquette University and the Milwaukee community. 

Mission: To provide a safe space for exploration, encourage honest dialogue, facilitate collective learning, engage and grapple with the social forces that inform individual experiences, and build allyship. The workshop is free and open to the community. 

Workshop topics: health, gender, identity, body image, sexuality, desire, power and privilege, spirituality, pleasure, communication, consent, relationship, empowerment, and more! 
Notes McAdams:

The program at Marquette is similar to those elsewhere. This is, after all, "monkey see, monkey do," and administrators and activists on college campuses ape each other. And of course, those folks at Marquette ape what is done on secular campuses (or on "Catholic" campuses which, like Marquette, are not really Catholic). 

It has a few concessions to the supposed Catholic nature of Marquette. For example, among the "models of sexual behavior" to be discussed alongside "fantasy, kink, fetish, and more" are "asexuality" and "abstinence." And it promises "both negative and positive views of masturbation." And they have stuck in a discussion of "Sexuality and Spirituality." 

McAdams explains,
FemSex, in sum, is not nonjudgmental. It’s intensely moralistic. But the morality is a secular morality that says "if it feels good do it," and "any sex act one wishes to engage in is OK." Harsh moral judgment is reserved for anybody who says differently.
McAdams wonders what this workshop is doing at MU.
Quite obviously, a program that endorses implicitly (and often explicitly) abortion, sadomasochism, prostitution, homosexuality, masturbation and promiscuity is way beyond questionable at a Catholic university — and even at a university that pretends to be Catholic. 
If you care about Marquette at all, you're going to want to read the entire shocking post by Professor McAdams by clicking on the link, below.