The tolerant left on display again.

On Wednesday, the headquarters of the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) was vandalized with spray paint and broken glass on the same day they hosted a Business Day in Madison. Pictures from the WMC building reveal shattered glass in the front door and green and purple paint doused on the building.

The vandalism comes on the same day that the Wisconsin Wave protested WMC in "Day of Action." In a statement yesterday, Wisconsin Wave said, "It is time to clean the house of government and remove the corporate lobbyists from the temple of democracy. It is time to shut the chamber."

How democratic. Does anyone really believe that the vandalism was coincidental? Of course this isn't the first time WMC has been vandalized. In June 2011, WMC had chalk and paint thrown on the building and sidewalks with slogans like "tax the rich."


Pictures of WMC Offices in Madison February 14, 2013