Despite a slap-down ruling by the National Labor Relations Board, big labor and the local media are not quite ready to give up on hyping the allegations against Palermo’s Pizza.

Georgia Pabst in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel announced:

The Worker Rights Consortium, an independent labor rights monitoring organization, issued a report Wednesday saying its inquiry found "substantial evidence" that Palermo's pizza used a federal immigration audit as a pretext to terminate 75 striking workers last June.

Let’s recap.

For months, the radical immigrants-rights and big labor front group Voces de la Frontera alleged that Milwaukee-based Palermo’s Pizza ordered an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) audit of the company in response to union organizing at the plant. The ICE audit resulted in the termination of a handful of undocumented workers and Voces organized a strike and picket line in front of the plant. Big labor promoted a national boycott against Palermo’s hoping to pummel the local company into submission.

Then in November 2012, the controversy was settled by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), exonerating Palermo’s and finding the company acted lawfully when it terminated the undocumented workers.

A look at the "independent labor rights group" Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) finds left-wing professors and big labor operatives from the AFL-CIO on the WRC Governing Board.

The WRC is best known for it’s affiliation with colleges and universities, including UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. WRC pressured UW-Madison to drop Nike in 2010 as a sponsor of athletic apparel, and in December 2011 attempted to get the university to drop Adidas. Other targets of WRC include Wal-Mart and Russell Athletic.

So, given that the controversy was settled by the NLRB in November, why is the Journal Sentinel touting a bogus study published by a radical anti-business front?